toilet humour.

It often amazes me the weird and wonderful things that people get up to in the bathroom. Not to be crude or anything, but some strange things go down.

We girls seem to be more reserved when it comes to bathroom etiquette. You will never find unpleasant liquid on the floor, or seat, the lid will always be left down and we’re by no means in competition with the girl in the cubical next to us.
The same cannot be said about men. Unfortunately. It appears they seem to get a bizarre kick out of competing with the guy next to them – on various levels – especially when among mates. As a girl I just don’t get this. I wouldn’t ‘high five’ my girl-friend for being able to wrack up a record time for going to the loo. Or the pressure thereof. But guys – they seem to be a different story.

If this was not the case then I’m pretty sure Sega wouldn’t have recently launched their latest bathroom video console game. You heard right. Japan has recently launched Sega’s latest video game Toylet (The Afrikaans pronunciation of ‘toilet’ comes in handy).

How you may ask. Well the Toylet consoles will be installed in urinals where each urinal is fitted with a pressure sensor. Players can choose from a number of games controlled by the strength and direction of their urine stream, where animations are then displayed on the screen above the urinal.

The meekest of the games “Mannekin Pis” (you guessed it – named after the famous fountain in Brussels) simply measures how hard the player can urinate.

Similarly “The Northern Wind, the Sun and Me” is designed to measure the strength of a player’s urine to make a female character’s skirt blow up to reveal her nickers on the screen. The stronger the flow, the more they show.

For those seeking a bit more of a challenge “Graffiti Eraser” encourages players to erase graffiti off a wall by pointing a hose at the offending image.

The graphics are a bit 90’s but I’m sure that isn’t the thing players are most focused on.

Clearly understanding the competitive nature of men, and the theory behind bragging-rights, Sega has installed an option where players’ who feel their scores are worth saving, sharing, or boasting about are able to download their scores onto a USB memory stick.

Not sure about you but I’ve read the email about the amount of germs that are sprayed into the air with every toilet flush. I certainly wouldn’t want to be placing my hand, or USB device, in such close vicinity to a urinal of any sorts. Gaming or not.

As a girl, I will never understand men and their fascination with toilet humour. I don’t think it even matters how old they are. I can see many a dad challenging their sons to “Mannekin Pis” in times to come.

This just begs the question – what do they have install for the ladies?

In my opinion, I would suggest that Sega restrict their demographic to men. In general ladies don’t find toilet humour all that amusing. We actually find it quite vulgar. Besides, we have much more important things think and talk about. Lady toilet chatter wouldn’t be complete without the subjects of shopping, parties, and most of all perplexing topic of men!


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