DA Youth poster ruffles some feathers.

Many feathers seemed a bit ruffled in the twittersphere a few days ago with the launch of the DASO 2012 campaign featuring a young white male and a black female in a rather intimate position. The image was released via social networks which caused quite a stir amongst a number of political and religious groups.

The catch phrase accompanying the image is “In our future you wouldn’t look twice”.

I’m not sure about you but quite frankly I’m pretty over this whole race thing. I had nothing to do with apartheid and neither did the majority (most probably 99%) of my generation. So why are we still harping on about it?

It really grates me that race seems to be the only way to get peoples attention. Look at the majority of comedians. The bulk of their subject matter is based on race. Is there nothing else of vague originality out there to make us laugh? In the case of DASO, is there no stronger appeal they could have taken to plead for our vote?

In the same breath – I do get what they’re trying to say. I understand there is still a strong divide; I am just sick of having to hear and discuss the subject of race over and over again.

All through my school career, apartheid, in all kinds of varying derivatives, was shoved down our throats to the extent I gave up history in the attempt to get away from hearing about it 24/7.

Don’t get me wrong – I in no way condone what happened but I really believe we all just need to move on. Yes it happened. It was awful. But it’s over. So let’s just focus on not letting it ever happen again and move merrily on our way.

Instead of harping on about things of the past that cannot be changed, we should rather be focusing on the corruptness of the present day government and questioning why it is that certain individuals are too ill to serve their prison sentence but fit enough to hit the golf course.

Hmmm. Ponder.

So really, in all honesty, I don’t have an issue with the DASO campaign. Their aim is to simply bring our country together and smoothen the divide. Will it ever happen?  Who knows?

Could they have softened their approach by using models with clothes? Possibly… but they were obviously looking for something that would turn up the heat, and rustle some feathers. Well done DASO, looks like it worked.


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