The show must go on.

It’s true what they say – as one door closes, another one opens.

As the curtains open onto 2012, I take the stage with the fullest confidence and pride, knowing that the show will go on.  With January a distance memory, I’m taking the executive decision to write it off and start the New Year as of today with a fresh, exciting and invigorating start!

I am extremely excited to announce that I as of 1 February 2012 I will be the newest member of the DigitLab team.

What is DigitLab you may ask? Essentially a web integration and online marketing agency helping clients to connect and engage with consumers and prospective clients online through social media platforms in innovative, creative ways.

Companies are starting to realise the power of social media and the impact it can have in their business. Social media has been the most exciting shift in communication, spanning across generational boundaries and has become an integral part of our daily lives.

DigitLab is the link that enables businesses and brands to tap into the social and digital spheres and effectively harness the skills needed to communicate with the new-age 2.0 consumer.

The strength behind the DigitLab lies in Mike Saunders a guru on all things digital who was recently voted as one of the Top 20 people to follow on Twitter in South Africa.

As a social media and marketing strategist he is the driving force behind the DigitLab helps organisations build digital campaigns, engaging people online and build communities around brands.

Given my love and passion for social media and the world of digital, matched with DigitLab’s expertise and experience it seems to be the perfect mix.

Having taken on the role of Social Media Strategist for Cape Town I’m extremely excited about what the New Year has in store.

Here’s to 2012 – let the show begin!


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