thinking out the box.

Personalities are peculiar things. They say that the first 5 years of your life are crucial to the development of your personality. So based on that one could say that personalities are circumstantial?

What about horoscopes? Does being born on a certain day, in a certain month, when the moon, sun and stars are in a certain alignment make you the person that you are?

Is one’s personality a spirit (holy being, not alcoholic) that lives inside you that can be said to be a gift from god, or can one go as far as to say that if reincarnation is true then we are not really living with our own personalities at all but merely recycling those which have walked the earth in times gone by.

I often find it difficult to judge a person and get a true sense of their personality from an initial encounter. My biggest downfall is that I’m too trusting. Often blinded by the desire of wanting to see the best in people, but one could argue that that is no downfall at all – it just depends which side of the fence you’re on.

Yet at the same time it’s so easy to be judgemental. You meet someone for the first time, ask a few questions and immediately draw a conclusion.

“What star sign are you?”

“I’m a Scorpio”

Oh my god – you think to yourself.  Here we go better watch out for this one – they’ve got a tail and might just sting me.

I do think there is a fair amount of truth to be said about horoscopes – not the daily ones you find in gossips mags. I don’t think anyone, except maybe god, or that octopus we had during the world cup, can predict what is going to happen from one day to the next  – never mind a month in advance.

That being said, I believe that one’s star sign does tell you a lot about a person and shouldn’t be cast aside like a pinch if salt. Especially if that salt had been spilt. Then a pinch should ritualistically be thrown in their right hand backwards over their left shoulder. Yes, I’m slightly superstitious.

Judging and understanding people’s personalities plays an important role in life – especially in work. Having insight into a college’s personality can be beneficial in building a relationship based on harmonious grounds.

Sad but true, more often than not a particular star sign, personality or skills from the University of Life can lead to one being put into boxes.  I think this makes it easier to identify types of people and help us effectively manage our relationships and working styles with them.

Sometimes, the box allocation is pleadingly obvious. In other instances the lines seem to overlap.

Over the years there have been many different questionnaires, tools and tests developed to help identify the personality type you are, and I‘m not just talking about the ones in the COSMO.  Real ones, like you know the ones published proper and stuff.

Ok seriously.

I’ve been sent and completed many of said personality tests in the past but recently I was sent probably the most accurate and interesting one to date by DigitLab CEO Mike Saunders.

This site helps categorise which personality type you are, using quite a simple questionnaire format in fact. Whilst answering the questions I didn’t expect the outcome to be as accurate as it turned out to be.

Like horoscopes, although I tend to agree with them not everything they say are true. As such, some things that come up aren’t 100% on the ball but the majority of things that do are freakishly so.

According to this specific questionnaire there are four quadrants which are further subdivided another four times, providing 16 different personality types.

How it works is that it asks you a series of questions and based on your answers in puts you in one of the boxes. Like star signs, tests like this are always up for debate, but when you read your results, it’s amazing, and a little scary to see the amount of truth therein.  Don’t take my word for it though – try the test for yourself.

This begs the question – is there a box for everyone? What if you don’t fit into a box? Or what if you fit into more than one? Does that mean that you have multiple personality disorder? What if none of the boxes apply to you? Does that mean you don’t have a personality? Are you actually just a robot?

An interesting thought I pose to the likes of Mark Zuckerberg is to create an app which will be able to ‘create a person’s personality type’ based on their Facebook profiles (soon to be timelines).

Said app could then bring suitable products to the consumer’s attention. This could be by means of inviting favoured brands within categories to interact with consumers based on specific interests or needs, to customising the ads that appear on each persons profile based on the content they upload and the nature of their usage.

That could make for very interesting times and take consumerism to a whole new level.

Just saying, oh and post script; should this idea ever be worth anything this is my right to its patent.


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