fit for the sole.

I finally managed to get may feet into a pair of tslops, and coming from someone how struggles to find shoes that fit I was pleasantly surprised.

The leather is soft and the bottom of the shoes molds to your feet which makes for a very comfortable stroll. What I love about tslops is that whenever I put them on I’m reminded of their uniqueness and that no other pair is exactly the same as each pair is handmade. I like to feel special like that.

With the launch into the market it seems that the brand is taking a more subtle, guerilla style approach. Take away cup sleeves have become a very popular and more and more brands seem to be utilizing this space. Makes sense considering the intended communication is going directly into the hand of a specifically targeted consumer.



Although the concept is by no means new it’s interesting to see the integration of QR codes as an extension of the brands communication thus engaging the consumer more than ever before.



What I loved about the tslops campaigns the strong African ties and quirky-cuteness of the creative.


Each picture tells a story, hugging on a few heart strings so that each time the story and heritage behind each individual pair of shoes, as well as the brand is remembered with each step.




Being quite a unique product whenever I’ve worn mine I’ve always received compliments and questions as to where I got them.




Considering they’ve just launched they’re only available in select retail outlets (Poetry – my favorite- being one) but what’s really great is that you can order online and get a pair delivered right to your door.




February is known as the month of love, so it’ appropriate that tslops share as much as they can. During February all online orders get free delivery! A great extension of Ubuntu if you ask me.




So to check out the full range (not just my tiny size 2 ones – yes they make size 2!!) log onto


 An ideal Valentine’s Day gift, for the sole 🙂


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