current state of being

Shjo. What a day. Since joining the extremely passionate and super motivated DigitLab team I have literally been nonstop. But that’s good.  I like being busy and I like new challenges and DigitLab definitely offers many of those, but I am learning A LOT and really thriving in this new state of being I find myself in.

Besides being the newest Social Media Strategist at with DigitLab a really exciting new opportunity in the form of TomorrowToday seems to have landed happily in my lap. top.

My involvement with TomorrowToday is that I will be managing and running Social Media Bootcamps in Cape Town – a brand new region for the brand.

What’s that you ask? Well essentially it’s a social media crash course. And not just for those who think  Twitter  is for  people who have too much time on their hands and can’t even begin to fathom how something like a 140 character conversation can add value.

The Social Media Bootcamps are literally that. A compact training session covering a variety of different topics and often aiding in clearing up so many clouded areas. Or is that iCloud? Do you know the difference?

In the age of personalization, each course can be tailored to suit specific needs and objectives. Or in many cases, confusion.

The first workshop is taking place on 28 March. If you’re interested in attending please let me know! If the 28th March clashes with your busy schedule, the next on will be on the 17 April.

So that’s all been keeping me very busy and I do feel like I’ve been neglecting under5foot over the last week or two. Sadly, I think I need to admit that my posts might not be as regular as they have been.  And that’s regular in the ‘consistent’ sense of the word. *grin* to those of you who read my Kellogg’s post on memeburn a while back!”

Which brings me to my next area of busyness. As many of you will already know, I have become a steady contributor at you can have a look at some of the articles I’ve written here.

So that’s pretty much a wrap for now. Exciting times ahead and really looking forward to my trip up to Durban next week to officially meet the DigitLab Team!

That’s all for now. Socially speaking.


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