MANentine’s Day

It must be said. Out of all the brands that get ads right Savanna is right up there. At least in my books. They always have a quirky, tongue in cheek message that gets you chuckling, even if just to yourself.

The laid back – no care in the world – dry humored, monotone voice that has become synonymous with savanna radio ads is classic within itself. I often wonder how many takes lead up to the final product, because if it were me I’d crack up mid-sentence. But I suppose that’s why I’m not a professional voice over artist.

The latest savanna ad is themed around the annual ritualistic occasion, Valentine’s Day. Whenever there is a significant day, occasion of topical news story you can be sure that savanna will add their own dry twist to it.

Unlike other brands who have taken a cheesy angle focusing oin the traditional ‘laws of attraction’, hearts and flowers, kissing and all that jazz, Savanna have turned it around.

Instead of making it pink and pretty they’ve made it butch and macho. Having a go at the age old folklore that states that a woman may break tradition and propose to a man on a leap year Savanna has cleverly renamed Valentine’s Day MANentine’s Day.


Although I don’t find the TV ad as great as I expected, the radio elements, below-the-line activations and digital and social media integration has amplified the success of the campaign.

I think this is an inventive take on the occasion and find it refreshing not being blasted with roses, candles and overpriced restaurant meals.

Cheers to the boys, and happy MANentine’s Day.


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