The show’s not over till the fat lady sings.

Looks like Adele took the Grammy’s this year by storm – winning the Album of the year award and being nominated in all six categories. As many of you know I’m not the biggest Adele fan, in fact I’m her least biggest fan, however I can appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into a performer achieving such a  renowned and prestigious award.   

Not to say that it makes her singing, in my opinion, any less like the scratching of nails on a chalk board, but hay, each to their own.

Whilst the pain-staking voice of Adele lives on, it’s sad to know that the true legend and multiple Grammy award winning Whitney Houston will never grace the stage again.  

She was one of the most talented performers of her generation, leading a troublesome personal life yet still one of the greatest voices of her time.

In the latter part of her career her drug addiction, erratic behavior and tumultuous marriage to Bobby Brown stifled her regal image, yet despite all of her personal dilemmas, her majestic voice will always live on, and she will be one of The Greats, always remembered.

It’s sad to think that Whitney died hours before she was expected to perform the annual pre-Grammy party this weekend.

Although there is a lot to be celebrated in music, Whitney’s death casts a dark cloud over one of the most prestigious award shows of the year. A sober opening to the awards ceremony, and music calendar of 2012, leaves fans in shock and mourning that yet another true music icon now rests amongst the stars.


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