The topic of Pinterest

The new kid of the block and current digital star of the moment seems to be of much Pinterest to the social media hub.

The latest social media platform goes far beyond simply just sharing or liking things of interest.  It allows users to share and collaborate on various projects or topics of (p)interest.

From creating a mood board for you home renovations to keeping tabs on latest trends and those beautiful pink shiny things you just can’t live without – Pinterest allows you to literally pin various items onto your pinboard to mix and match, keep for later or share and get the opinions of others.

You can also create this platform as a new way of expressing yourself by creating a board and pinning things to it that you feel are a good reflection of yourself. Think of it as a visual representation of yourself, or various aspects of your life.

Some eyebrows might be a little crossed at this stage – perhaps we should go back to the basics and explain how everything works:

Firstly what are “Pins”

A pin is any image that is added to your online pinboard which can be linked from the web or uploaded.  You can add captions, notes , doodles or big bold type and lots of exclamation marks if the pin of interest if something  you’ve had your eye on for a while and are trying to persuade a certain someone to spoil you with. You can then share it with them, just to add to your subtlety.

Ok, so where do I “pin things?”

Your pinboard is where you group related pins. Think mind-map, mood-board or collage. You can have separate pinboards for different categories. So for instance you could have a different pinboard for your new kitchen you’re busy redoing, the bedroom you always wanted, cool tech ideas articles or gadgets, design, gift ideas, recipes, or even just cool fun things you like and want to keep tabs on.

Great, so how do my friends and I share or collaborate on our pinterests?

You can share content by the act of “repinning” – essentially this is when you pin something to your board that has been pinned on someone else’s. This is a way to share content with your followers as well as collaborate and uncover new ideas.  Yeah – it’s an open platform. People will be stealing with their eyes so watch out. I wouldn’t use this as a platform to put together your biggest clients’ marketing strategy or as a platform for gathering your thoughts for your next great design idea.

In terms of collaboration the possibilities are endless an it’s been said that Pinterest’s future success lies in its collaboration capabilities.  Adding contributors to one of your pinboards will let you work together to plan an event (from a hen’s party to a corporate function) or collect research and information for a long-term project.

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At this stage the Pinterest, in its infancy, is being used predominantly for personal projects and doesn’t seem to have much business-focused marketing at present. It’s also surprising that the platform is predominantly dominated by women. Surprising? – not really. When did you last see a guy making a scrapbook for his dream wedding, next big bash or their child’s graduation? Go figure

However this is a very viable and easily accessible platform and looking at the business success of Facebook, I’m pretty sure we can expect this aspect of the platform to take off pretty soon.

What if I need more info of something I or one of my friends have pinned?

Browser Bookmarking and adding price information is a cool aspect of this platform as it allows you to add a bookmark to your Web browser so you can pin images from other sites.

For example, if you’re shopping online (say at H&M or Zara #todiefor) you can click the bookmark to create a pin of that image. This will automatically link that photo to the retail website, so someone can find out more info on the specific product if they ‘like’.  Its always nice to know how much doe you;/re getting yourself in for, no matter how pink shiny and pretty it may be. Adding pricing information to the pin will show that item’s price whenever someone hovers their mouse over the picture on your pinboard.

 So how do I get started?

Currently Pinterest is only open to invited users.  Yeah, its elite like that. You can request an invite at but they’re not too snooty so you can expect your invite to be in your inbox within a day or two.

So gone or the days of scrapbooking and keeping hard copy files of things we like, want or need. Now we can just pin them directly off the site where we most probably found them in the first place and ‘cloud’ them together for when we need them. Or just want to pass time by looking at pretty desirable trinkets.

Still confused on how to start pinning?

Check out this clip which shows you how to get up and pinning!

Forget spinning. Try pinning!


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