Social media for, um, dummies.

Some people just don’t get social media. Some don’t even care. But they should. Shouldn’t they? Undeniably, it can be quite confusing, especially for those of older generations.

Baby Boomers and some Gen-Xers just can’t grasp new way of communicating – why hash tags need to follow random statements, why Facebook is used to inform people about important events, or how people on Twitter knew Whitney Houston’s death before the press did.

If I were trying to explain the essence of social media to my mom – a typical baby boomer – her answer would be “Why don’t you just pick up the phone?”

Maybe this clip will help explain things. Simply.

Social Media is like an ADHD child. It never stops moving.

Ok so having got top grasps with social media and how it works you think you’re set to go, right? Sorry – but no. Social Media is one of those things that is constantly evolving and changing – the second you think you’ve got to grips with Facebook and how it works, they go and change everything.

Moral of the story? Businesses today need to keep their finger on the pulse to ensure they remain competitive but it’s a little tricky when the pulse becomes too hard to find.

Does your brand do all this?

If you hesitated your marketing department might not be as down with social media as you thought.

Keeping your finger on the pulse.

That’s where DigitLab comes in. Providing insight, strategy, content development even down to getting your social media campaign up and running DigitLab provides a full social media and digital marketing service.

But, if you’re the kind of company that likes to keep things internal that’s ok. Along with TomorrowToday we can train your staff – brand teams, marketing departments, HR managers – you name it, and before you realize you’ll be up and running with a HOT social media strategy, that unlike most big ideas doesn’t just look great on paper, looks great on your ROI too.

Social media isn’t just for geeks, generation Y, techno guru’s or the 18 year old on the street whose ipod seems to have been surgically attached to his ears and who really needs to pull up his jeans.

It crosses generational boundaries and is changing how consumers and brands interact, communicates and ultimately – how you do business.

The just for fun, if you still find yourself lost in the dark, these wo inforgraphics might help shed some light.

[Sidenote:  an infographic is a visual aid that helps communicate information in a way easily explained using the creative presentation of data in an understandable and engaging format] For those of you who were squinting at your screen to see if you read the word correctly.

And just to prove I’m not talking complete rubbish – have a look at the inforgraphic  below (last one I promise) which shows the impact and success, that social media has had within the airline industry.

Just one example of the power of social media.

So what’s your business doing?


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