Something to tickle your taste buds

Life’s no fun with all work and no play. As you might have seen I’ve been quite a busy little blogger recently so I thought it fitting to give under5foot a little break from work today and just have some fun.

The craze right now

One of my latest obsessions is Pinterest.  Yes, I know it’s ‘technically’ work but hear me out. It actually gets quite addictive, especially if you have a love for beautiful photo’s like I do. One of my other favorite pass times is letting my mind wonder around the pages of Miss Moss. I don’t know where she finds the incredible images that she does, as each one is so unique and interesting, but I am awe struck every time I visit her site.

Beauty to feast your eyes on

Like Miss Moss, I Want That and The Pretty Blog I have already caught myself spending ages on Pinterest

There are just so many beautiful images out there I don’t have enough time in the day to take them all in. What I really do love about this platform is that finally there is a way to arrange and organize beautiful images, thoughts, and lust-have all in one space. Before these were just saved in some file deep down in my computer’s hard drive, not being appreciated or shared with anyone.

A simple concept – but aren’t they always?

Things to nibble

Another obsession right now are Tia’s Rice cakes, my favorite being the Mixed seed ones.

Tia's Rice cakes

When you say the word rice cakes most people huff and puff and fob them off as being a waste of air and tasting like cardboard. I disagree, but never have I tasted such a delicious healthy snack like this.Admittedly I have quite a sweet tooth, but these are all the sweetness with none of the guilt. They’re Gluten free made out of puffed brown and white rice, raisins, mixed seeds. Unashamedly addictive.

Nothing like moms cooking 

But here comes a time in the day where a rice cake is just not guna cut it – no matter how scrumptious.

And there’s nothing better than a home cooked meal. We all think our moms are the best.

“Nothing like mom’s chicken roast?” or “Legendry potatoes’ bake” or :My mom makes the best chocolate cake!”

Deep down we all love our moms cooking, and even deeper down, no one – chef, restaurant or partner – will change our minds.

So in the spirit of sharing I thought I’d part with a few handwritten (yes that’s very uncommon these days) recipes from my mom.

As an avid cook love of food, needless to say my parents PVR is filled to the brim with cooking shows. When threatened by my father to wipe them all off the decoder so he could make space for his believed sport and crime series, she frantically began handwriting all of her favorite recipes.

My mom not being one to share many of her culinary secrets did pass her newly acquired food network inspired recipes to me, so to ‘pay it forward’ here they are for you to enjoy as well – bon apetit!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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