Everyone loves their iPhone

These days it seems that everyone has an iPhone. Well almost everyone. In SA the iPhone uptake seems to be quite a lot slower in comparison to other countries but I think that has something to do with our terrible internet speed and bandwidth.

I love iPhone

But that hasn’t let the tech junkie’s substitute for second best. It seems that the only people who don’t have iPhones are either waiting for their upgrade or have a blackberry, and spend most of their time complaining about the poor battery life.

I think it’s fair to that that in most cases the majority of smartphone users would have an iPhone if they could.

What type of iPhone user are you?

Not being one of the gazillion iPhone addicts (yes I’m still on Blackberry – believe it!) I was astounded to see how rapidly the inforgraphic depicting “The 7 different types of iPhone users” I pinned on Pinterest was shared in just a matter of minutes from uploading it. It literally exploded on my pinboard within 2 hours of pinning it the inforgraphic received 44 likes, 7 comments, 116 repins.

This just goes to show the fanatical loyalty people have towards their iPhones and how Apple has successfully managed to create tightknit community of users who go as far as to identify the product as part of their personality.

For those who missed it on Pinterest check it out!

This really blows my mind as although love my blackberry I don’t see it as a part of who I am. iPhone users however are a different kettle of fish altogether.

How to spot an iPhone user

Being a non-iPhone user I find it quite easy to spot one. Looking at the 7 different types of users according to the inforgraphic currently speeding around Pinterest, I can easily say that I can spot a number of them a mile away. For me two fo the most interesting ‘types of iPhone users’ are is The Fan boy and The Senior Citizen.

The Fan boy

These uber- loyal apple customers would literally die for the latest, greatest version. These are the guys who camp outside the apple store the night before the launch of a new model and will find any excuse to whip out their iPhone. How will you know that these people have an iPhone? Well, they’ll tell you.

They’re also likely to be a bit of a tech-geek, work in an ad agency or have some sort of creative calling that justifies the absolute necessity for needing the latest iPhone because they just can’t function without it. You might find him hugging himself and rocking back and forth in a corner should his iPhone/ iMac containing his final masterpiece crash.

In my mind a typical creative. Having worked in the ad industry I find creatives fascinating and quite entertaining at times. The fanboy is probably not going to take criticism of his genius work all that well, and might respond to client feedback like this

The senior citizen

It seems that the older one gets the harder one tries to be young, and this seems extremely prevalent amongst the older baby boomer generation of professionals. I think the rapid pace of technology and the ever evolving climate seems a little overwhelming at times so they feel that in order to stay ‘hip and with it’ they need to have the latest gadget.

So what do they do?
Go get the latest iPhone.

The problem is that many of them don’t really know how to use it. Sure they’ll whip it out in meetings but in most cases I’m willing to bet that they’re probably using their iPhones on the most basic level and are really not aware that in their hand they’re holding a device that 40 years ago we would have thought to be alien technology.

They probably rely on the Gen-Y geek in the office, or their grandchild, to teach them how to load, and use, the latest apps.
But things are unlikely to slow down – if anything the rate of technological advancement is likely to get faster. So in a few years we might very well be in the same boat as them, saying things a little like this

iPhone love is imminent

For me the popularity and widespread admiration for the iPhone, and all its derivatives, proves that users believe these products to be a part of who they and almost a definition of their ‘coolness’. Not all of them to be fair – many of them love them purely based on their awesome functionality, but in general these users live by the mantra “Once you go Mac, You’ll never go back”

I find it remarkable how people so different and varied in age are able to relate and share a common love for the same product. This goes to prove that the iPhone, technology in general and thus social media transcends generational and cultural boundaries.

So instead of sitting around the table playing board games I think it would become more common to find a grandfather with his grandson challenging each other to a game of Angry Birds on their iPhones and then posting their high scores to Facebook.

That’s one for the books. Well, if they still make things like that anymore.
Isn’t there an app I can just download?

For me – I’m still trying to justify paying almost double for an iPhone, yet I do admit that when I get my next upgrade I’ll definitely be looking at the iPhone4S. I always wanted a personal assistant who would be at my beck and call 24/7.


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