Yoghurt lovers – this one’s for you!

sonnendal dairies yogurtBeing quite a health nut with a bit of a sweet tooth one of my most delectable loves without a doubt is yoghurt. Some may find this strange but for me it’s a healthy indulgent delight that happily satisfies my sweet craving without the guilt.

In all my travels (not that they are that extensive but still) I always like to taste the yoghurt. I do think myself to be a slight yoghurt snob as I have a particular palate and am not a fan of mass produced plastically tasting variants.

Having tried and tested a number of different brands over the years I have settled on a select few that I buy regularly. One of my favorites being the Pick n Pay house brand.

So imagine my ecstasy when I discovered that the dairy behind the Pick n Pay house brand – Sonnendal Dairies has just recently launched their own unique line of diary and fruit juice products.

Switching lanes – from supplier to retailer

Pick n Pay Dairy and yoghurt aisle

Having been around for 15 years Sonnendal has yet to establish its own brand within the market as they have built their business, and success as being the dairy supplier for Pick n Pay’s house brand.

Sonnendal came on board as Pick n Pay’s primary dairy supplier when they identified a gap in the market where big dairies were not paying attention to the power and significance of retail house brands.

As such Sonnendal formed a strong partnership with retail giant Pick n Pay which resulted in huge success and growth of the various product ranges, and helped establish Sonnendal’s presence within the market.

As Pick n Pay’s primary dairy supplier Sonnendal supplies a full dairy range to Pick n Pay nationally as well as yoghurt multipacks and drinking yoghurts to stores Pick n Pay in the Eastern and Western Cape.

Out with the old

As an innovator in the market Sonnendal was a pioneer in the dairy category when they developed and successfully launched the new oval yoghurt tubs for Pick n Pay.

Riding on this success they have gone onto to be the first to dairy in South Africa to produce form-fill-sealed yoghurt multipacks with in-mould labeling, a big move according to South African packing authority PACKAGiNG & Print Media.

Not an easy feat, but their timing is perfect considering the new packaging and Consumer Protection Act requirements coming into play this year.

Using the success of the Pick Pay brand as a base Sonnendal is taking the next step and just launched its own brand with extensive product ranges.

‘The time has come that we need our own brand to remain competitive and to stake our claim in the developments of the burgeoning dairy market,’ explains Sonnedal’s MD, Martin Swanepoel. ‘By launching our own brand we’re also able to get new products to the market faster,’ he added.

Being the odd one out has its benefits

sonnendal dairy packaging yotopiaWhen one thinks of yoghurt the general image that comes to mind is one of white or pastel coloured containers with images of fruit on them.

So imagine the surprise when walking down the aisle and a black container jumps out at you making it impossible not to notice this new contender in the market. Well it caught my eye at least!

The new black tub is indicative of Sonnendal’s new premium product range. The look and feel of the packaging immediately communicates elegance and style, which are some of the key differentiators for the Sonnendal brand. Sonnendal has a 46 value lines, however the new premium range is one to really ride home about!

I love the quirky design and light hearted approach the brand has taken. I also think that in a category where ‘white’ seems to be the predominant packaging colour, taking the complete opposite approach is a clever way to establish differentiation immediately.

In with the new

For me Sonnendal is a unique brand that has successfully been able to take common every day products and make them sexy.  They catch phrase live.love.laugh is a great indication of the type of culture that governs the people behind the scenes that has led to the creation of this amazing brand and products.

I’m excited to see the roll out continue and can confidently state that I have been converted. My yoghurt infatuation has just found new heights.

As they say – the proof is in the pudding and Sonnendal has really come to the party! With an innovative and unique range of flavors my taste buds are singing with happiness and are in complete bliss.

So if you haven’t been down the yoghurt aisle in a while, I suggest you take a stroll – you may find end up in yotopia.


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