2012 Budget Speech hits social media

Money is always a bit of a touchy subject, especially when we’re talking around the R1 trillion mark. Every year, when the Finance Minister delivers the annual budget speech, we listen to find out how it will affect our pockets in the short term… which really boils down to how much more we’re going to … Continue reading

Everyone loves their iPhone

These days it seems that everyone has an iPhone. Well almost everyone. In SA the iPhone uptake seems to be quite a lot slower in comparison to other countries but I think that has something to do with our terrible internet speed and bandwidth. But that hasn’t let the tech junkie’s substitute for second best. It … Continue reading

Something to tickle your taste buds

Life’s no fun with all work and no play. As you might have seen I’ve been quite a busy little blogger recently so I thought it fitting to give under5foot a little break from work today and just have some fun. The craze right now One of my latest obsessions is Pinterest.  Yes, I know … Continue reading

Stumbled Upon

Not a new social network but new to my portfolio of them. I just stumbled upon the site while doing some of my regular blog trawling and decided it’s worth getting on track. So I signed up, and took the visual personality test.  The results are uncanny – I couldn’t believe how on the ball they were! … Continue reading

Social media for, um, dummies.

Some people just don’t get social media. Some don’t even care. But they should. Shouldn’t they? Undeniably, it can be quite confusing, especially for those of older generations. Baby Boomers and some Gen-Xers just can’t grasp new way of communicating – why hash tags need to follow random statements, why Facebook is used to inform … Continue reading

So who’s pinning?

So if pinning is something you think you could get the hang of, check out the current stats of what people, and by people I mean predominantly girls, are pinning and sharing. Mashable provided a great inforgraphic which  showing the current breakdown of the latest pin-sters. Check it out.

The topic of Pinterest

The new kid of the block and current digital star of the moment seems to be of much Pinterest to the social media hub. The latest social media platform goes far beyond simply just sharing or liking things of interest.  It allows users to share and collaborate on various projects or topics of (p)interest. From … Continue reading

#SMW what will tomorrow hold

A few years ago one would never have thought that it would be able to make a profession of social media. None of us did quite frankly, but the reality is that social media has revolutionized the way we do business, and as a result, has been responsible for the creation of hundreds of new … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day is all a twitter

Valentine’s Day is all a twitter

Being Valentine’s Day and all, it gives us an extra special reason to be more romantically inclined than usual. I for one *heart* valentine’s day, but do our male counterparts share our sentiment? Considering that it’s actually – MANentinesday , the boys really have nothing to complain about as the roles have technically been reversed. … Continue reading